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About Us

Nimbles Biotech was born with a dream. Initiated by Mr. Dinesh Raghav and a diminutive, very dedicated cluster of professionals, presently having enormous economical products of wide range & of various segments with strong market presence. Our assignment and actions to construct reliance universal research stage that support the pharmaceutical new launch and the humankind can faith ahead.

Scientific Advancements have made life the way it is today. While several life threatening infections have been vanquished, many lifestyle diseases have taken their place demanding innovations & breakthrough from healthcare profession. It still remains a challenge not just to provide for absence of disease, but to nurture a state of health that is conducive to physical, mental and social wellbeing. Health Care across the world is shifting its focus to these goals, and India pharmaceutical companies are not far behind.

Established in the year 2008 , Nimbles Biotech is a trusted company engaged in manufacturing and trading of a myriad of pharmaceutical drugs. Nimbles Biotech successfully develop and market innovative products that improve enhance and extend human life; and we pride ourselves on delivering total quality products at an affordable price.